Ted Porter formed the Precision Performance Engineering, LLC team with the purchase of 2 former Miss Budweiser hulls (T5 & T6) forming a 2 boat team sponsored by Formulaboats.com.

Mike Weber served as Team Manager and U-5 driver before surrendering driving duties to Jeff Bernard for Seattle and San Diego. U-7 driven by Unlimited rookie Mike Allen, won at Valleyfield, Quebec and consistent performances throughout the year afforded the U-7 team the National Championship and the U-1 designation for 2007. The U-5 completed the season in 6th place in National High Points.
The defense of the National Championship was quickly sidetracked by accidents, injuries and equipment damage. Both the U-1 and U-5 sustained damage in accidents in Evansville, IN. U-1 was involved in a second accident in Detroit, MI and driver Mike Allen sustained an injury that sidelined him for 2 races. Jimmy Shane joined the team in relief of Mike Allen in the U-1 back-up hull in Tri-Cities, WA and Seattle, WA. Mike returned in the rebuilt U-1 primary hull for the San Diego race. Jeff Bernard's season-ending Final Heat against Steve David in Oh Boy! Oberto was described by many as the best Final Heat in many years raising expectations for 2008.
U-5 completed the season 4th in National High Points while the U-1 finished 10th.
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Photo by James Crisp
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